3D Printing Potentially World Changing

From the Gaylord Herald Times.

3-D printing may have the potential to change the world dramatically

The library workshop was facilitated by Joe Carr, a former production manager of a rapid prototyping shop.

“The process of 3-D printing involves making three-dimensional objects of almost any shape, primarily through additive processes in which successive layers of material are laid down,” Carr said. “The materials often used include nylon, steel, titanium, gypsum or wood.”


New Tools and Ancient Art

I had the honor of making a sculpture of which I am very proud for the venerable Ryan Holiday. Check out the article and share it with someone that might find it interesting. Also Ryan’s books Trust Me, I’m Lying and The Obstacle Is The Way are both great reads!

I’m going to write a technical article about the process of creating the statue.


The Replicators

Last summer Meribah Knight of Crain’s Chicago visited the shop and wrote a bit about 3D printing in Chicago. I was excited to have been featured in the article. The piece was published in Crain’s printed media as well.

Holding an out-of-production window crank that a customer has just dropped off for replication, Joe Carr, the shop’s director of 3-D model programming, says the store has become a go-to place for hard-to-find spare parts.

November 2012 Quotes

So fools spoil even their friendships, while wise men are able to make a fitting use even of their enemies.

– Plutarch, How to Profit by One’s Enemies

If you’re telling yourself that things will be easy, you’re lying to yourself. It has to be hard, it has to be worked for.

Robert Greene, on Mastery

It doesn’t matter how right you are about the good it will do mammals, no dinosaur will ever buy a meteor.

– Tucker Max, Creating Change

Chicago Hustle

No sense being a grifter if its the same as bein’ a citizen.

– Henry Gondorff, The Sting.

“Here. I’ll scan you through.” He smiled and held up his CTA card. I was skeptical why a stranger would offer to pay for someone else’s fare. I thanked him but I needed to buy a pass anyways.

“Come, come,” he insisted very politely. Curiosity is a weakness for me. I followed him to the turnstile. He quickly inserted the card and opened the gate for me. I didn’t want to waste his money so I walked through. He said nothing, only smiled. I felt compelled to pay him for the fare. I offered him the two dollars.

“Actually, do you want the card? There was five dollars on it.” I thought about it for a second, still skeptical. It was only five dollars so there wasn’t much to risk. I handed over the money and took the card.

“Have a nice day.”

I waited for the train and replayed what had happened in my head. I figured I had gotten conned but I wanted to wait until I could figure out the value of the card at my stop. As soon as I departed the train I headed straight for one of the CTA machines and inserted the card. It said it had $0.75 on it. I laughed. I got hustled. It seemed like a lot of work for him to profit two dollars but I guess the economy is hell for a hustler too.

I shared this story to a friend. She was incredulous as to why I was so enthusiastic about being hustled. I tried to explain that I had heard about cons and hustles, I read about them and that I understood how they worked but I had never experienced one. Now I have, and now I can appreciate the craft that a grifter puts into their work. Next time I won’t be such an easy mark.

2012 Michigan Tree Climbing Championship

On September 15th the 2012 Michigan Tree Climbing Championship was hosted at Potter Park in Lansing, MI . As soon as I heard about it I was incredulous that I was not aware of it earlier. I had to see it but I wasn’t sure what to expect. Part of me envisioned people climbing trees like kids but that seemed dangerous, even for professionals. Instead I saw what was a much more challenging and strenuous endeavour.

What is the highest you’ve ever climbed a rope? 20 feet? 50? How about 100? That was the first event I saw out of 5 total. The most interesting event was something called the aerial rescue. The climber had to climb a tree to a dummy, assess its injuries and safely lower it to the ground. The winners went on to be invited to the International Tree Climbing Championship being held in Toronto in 2013.

Competing in a sport like this is something that had never occurred to me. After seeing it in person I’m certainly considering it.

Official site: http://www.asm-isa.org/MTCC.html

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