Lansing Maker Week 2014

After my presentation at Lansing Maker Week I did a quick interview with Michigan Creative Video. We talked about making and why Lansing is a great city for startups.  I learned a valuable lesson here. Get a drink of water before going on camera!

TEDxDetroit Labs 2014

Image credit: @DebHolton
Image credit: @DebHolton

Last month I was invited to present at TEDxDetroit Labs. I’ve seen my fair share of TED talks online but this would be the first time I would experience it in person. I decided to bring a series of 3D puzzles to challenge attendees. If they were successful they had their choice of a 3D printed Detroit landmark as a reward. These landmarks were objects I had scanned and varied from statues to building features to The Spirit of Detroit.

The 3D puzzles went over well and I found that the attendees had that perfect mixture of determination and stubbornness. I was fortunate to have met so many great people and I look forward to sharing with the community.

The Spirit of Detroit

The Spirit of Detroit
The Spirit of Detroit

The Spirit of Detroit, the iconic city monument. Created by Marshall Fredericks in 1958, it was the largest cast bronze statue when it was installed standing 26 feet tall.

This summer while attending Maker Faire Detroit I took the opportunity to 3D scan the statue. After presenting at TEDxDetroit Labs I decided it was time to share the scan with the world so that the culture of Detroit could be enjoyed by everyone.

You can download your copy here.

3D Printing Potentially World Changing

From the Gaylord Herald Times.

3-D printing may have the potential to change the world dramatically

The library workshop was facilitated by Joe Carr, a former production manager of a rapid prototyping shop.

“The process of 3-D printing involves making three-dimensional objects of almost any shape, primarily through additive processes in which successive layers of material are laid down,” Carr said. “The materials often used include nylon, steel, titanium, gypsum or wood.”